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National Lottery versus Online Bingo

Have you ever wondered which is the best past time, playing the National Lottery or online bingo? Both are hugely popular and while for some people online bingo will always be more fun than playing the lottery, others claim that the thrill of winning big and the ability to limit

what you spend each week makes the lottery a better option.

Advantages of Playing Online Bingo 
Unlike most national lotteries, for which the draws are simply once on Wednesday and once on Saturday, most online bingo providers allow you to play 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This means you don’t need to hang around to play and it means you can do it when YOU feel like it rather than at a time that has been dictated. 

There’s usually only one national lottery for the country you are in and it’s the same every week. There are many online bingo providers however and each one may have a slightly different theme, different rules, different odds and a range of prizes. For those who like to spice things up, online bingo certainly offers more variety. 
Online bingo is often played by people who prefer to stay at home because they don’t want to have to visit a shop - but you can now purchase lottery tickets from a number of trustworthy websites

Advantages of the Lottery
It’s much easier to set yourself a spending budget and stick with it when you play the lottery. With an online subscription you can also decide well in advance how much you will spend. Once you’ve bought the tickets it’s unlikely you will buy more until at least the next draw. With online bingo there’s always a risk you’ll keep going!

Most lotteries have a social responsibility element. The UK National Lottery, gives away approximately 28% of its income to good causes. That means for every £2 ticket you buy, over 50p goes to those less fortunate or to community causes.

The potential jackpot of the National Lottery is far higher than it is with an online bingo game where you are more likely to gain lower wins which you probably instantly reinvest. You are not likely to end up a millionaire playing online bingo, but almost every week the lotto makes at least one person a millionaire. 

If you choose to play in a syndicate, whether that’s with your family, your friends or your work colleagues the lottery can have a social element that playing online bingo doesn’t provide. It does mean the amount you win might be less, but your chances are hugely increased at the same time. An example of a recent syndicate success was when a group of 18 co workers from Indianapolis shared a $1 million prize from the June 21st Powerball drawing. You can find out more on their story in the following article:

Lotto v Bingo
Based on all the pros and cons, playing the National Lottery is the clear winner. You can stop yourself from spending too much and feel more in control of how you play, whilst the potential earnings are far higher. Some folk love the tradition of a bingo board, even if it’s played online, but nothing beats the possibility of changing your life forever with a lotto win.

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