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 The Quick Guide to Hosting Your Own Bingo Night

There are many reasons you might want to host a bingo night: raising funds for charity, a local school or church, as part of bigger event, or just for pure fun.

Gone are the days when Bingo was only as game played exclusively by grandmas and pensioners. Thanks to the rise in online bingo sites in the 21st century, the game has never been so popular.

If you need inspiration for your event, you can browse the top bingo sites at Two Big Ladies, which also provides reviews and bingo news. Then you can even theme the bingo game around the look of, say, Clover Bingo (the Irish leprechaun) or Bingo Hombre (Mexican).

First, you’ll need to start with a list of things you’ll need. The following are the essentials in our experience:

• Bingo ball plus machine (this is a professional choice but if you don’t have money to spare you can go with a simple bag or tombola machine)
• Bingo cards (you can print these out online or make your own using free software like GIMP or paint)
• Bingo daubers (you can buy these in bulk on sites like Amazon)
• Bingo license (contact your local council to see if you need any special licenses or Temporary Events Notices for an event)
• Volunteers (if it’s a local event, put out some flyers up in the area and post on Facebook groups)
• Prizes (if you’re not offering a cash prize, ask people and businesses if they are willing to donate prizes)

You’ll need to find a place willing to host the event too. Church halls or school halls make ideal venues for bingo, you probably won’t encounter too many obstacles if it’s a fundraising event. You need enough space for the attendees, and the caller, and of course all the chairs and tables.

If you are planning to do regular events, take the advice above for purchasing or getting hold of equipment; if it’s a one-off you can normally hire bingo sets (search online) that come with all the things both the players and the caller need.

On the night of the event, ensure any volunteers know their roles. Get someone to greet people and direct them to seats. Someone else will need to hand out and collect cards and daubers. And there should be refreshments on offer, so you’ll need at least a couple of people for that. Remember to make sure volunteers know about fire safety for the building too.

And all that remains is to have fun and raise plenty of money!


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